2018 IT Budget Trends

Tech Spending shows accelerating demand for Mobility, Cloud & Virtualization solutions

NuLeaf’s IT experts help develop customized IT plans and budgets that align the latest technology with your strategic business objectives. We’ll ensure your 2018 investments will meet the needs of individual departments today, while providing the flexibility to add new capabilities when you need them tomorrow.


It’s hard to ignore that smartphones and tablets have emerged as big players in enterprise computing. Gartner forecasts 50% of total spending on end-points will go to mobile devices in 2018. Many organizations are implementing a “Bring Your Own Device” program, further driving the need for mobile support. NuLeaf’s experts also ensure your mobility plan includes proven standards for access and security.


We’re seeing organizations from every business model adopt Cloud service. In many cases, traditional IT systems will continue to play a key role, but customized Hybrid deployments have evolved to address security, privacy, and compliance requirements, while exploiting the Cloud’s distinct advantages like centralized management and cost savings.


A significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership is driving many firms to streamline their IT infrastructure and workflow with Virtualization technologies. Consolidating operating systems and applications on fewer machines drives costs down and simplifies IT management, maintenance, and implementation of new applications. NuLeaf will map out how Virtualization can support your present and future IT needs, while paying for itself over time.

With Strategic planning and proper budgeting, your company can deploy and support IT that improves your ability to respond to a very competitive marketplace. Ready to discuss your IT budget or explore Mobile, Cloud, or virtualization technologies?

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