Video Surveillance

Are you keeping an eye on your business?
If not, the consequences can sneak up on you…

  • Property theft can leave your business without inventory and critical assets, cause delays in serving customers, and drive up insurance premiums
  • With no means to gather visual proof, criminals may be encouraged to act again
  • Not taking “common sense” precautions can leave your company exposed to costly litigation
  • Employees may be discouraged from working overtime or putting in late hours to finish a project
  • Negative publicity about break-ins or internal harassment could foster an image of your company as an unsafe workplace

Benefits of Video Surveillance

  • Discourages theft
  • Curtails harassment
  • Enforces safety policies
  • Increases productivity
  • Provides a visual record for law enforcement
  • Promotes safer work environment

Keep an Eye on your Business

Whether you need simple or elaborate video surveillance, our team can design and install the right system to…

  • Monitor live activities
  • Track and view previously recorded footage
  • Leverage Ethernet networking capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate into current digital or analog systems
  • Capture high-resolution color video at 30 frames-per-second in starlight conditions.

Getting Started

Here are the basic video surveillance components you will need:

  • Cameras & Monitors
  • Digital Recorders & Video Servers
  • Accessories

We’ll run the numbers to show you how video surveillance solutions pay for themselves quickly.

We Make Surveillance Easy

If you need to keep an eye on your business 24 x 7, NuLeaf has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.