Third Party Vendor Management

Spending too much time dealing with IT vendors?

If so, your business could suffer…

  • Slows essential business process fixes when you and a vendor don’t speak the same language
  • Prevents staff from assisting customers effectively when downtime is prolonged
  • Impedes management decision-making, which could impact sales and market response
  • Disrupts the supply chain if IT problems are allowed to fester
  • Erodes confidence among customers, suppliers, partners, investors

Benefits of Third Party Vendor Management

  • Enables easy and convenient trouble reporting through a single point of contact
  • Resolves technical issues faster and more accurately when the right level of expertise is engaged on your behalf
  • Restores staff functions and business processes to normal operations quicker
  • Saves on IT expenses when problems are resolved the right way, the first time
  • Frees up your in-house resources to concentrate on bigger, more strategic objectives

What We Do…

  • Leverage well-established vendor relationships to secure prompt response to trouble calls
  • Spell out the issues faster to get your systems and networks back to proper operation with minimal delay
  • Manage escalations, track progress, and report changes in status to you
  • Monitor vendor performance for input into future purchases and support contracts
  • Maintain a line of communication with you to avoid misunderstandings and proactively address issues before they become bigger problems

We Make IT Easy

If your IT vendors are keeping you awake at night, NuLeaf can get you back on track – at a cost that makes sense.