Professional CTO / CIO Management

Focused on growing your business, but missing out on skilled IT leadership?

Your business could be taking a lot of hits…

  • The business roadmap can become filled with potholes and detours that waste time and resources
  • The IT team’s morale and productivity can be hampered by the leadership deficit
  • Poor execution of IT projects can lead to delays and cost overruns becoming a routine experience
  • New market opportunities can be lost and competitive advantage eroded
  • Executives may not be getting the accurate and timely information needed to add value to the business

It’s Your Business

We draw upon decades of collective IT experience to provide the IT leadership and expertise you need without the expense of a full time executive.

As an ongoing service that extends from planning to delivery, we add value that extends across all parts of your business – from board level to your people on the ground at all locations.

What We Do…

We assist with complex IT decisions when it is time to expand, upgrade, or integrate new technologies to improve your business. Our CTO/CIO service includes:

  • Strategic Planning – Development of an IT analysis that includes staff, infrastructure, software, systems and processes. The results go into a project plan with recommendations for review and approval.
  • Operational Planning – Projects are defined for project management purposes, with more granular requirements added when required.
  • Execution – Projects are executed within agreed scheduling and budgeting parameters.
  • Review – All projects are reviewed and benchmarked against business case metrics defined in the operational planning phase. Conclusions are drawn and presented to stakeholders.

We Make IT Easy

If your IT leadership capabilities need a boost, NuLeaf can help you get where you need to be – at a cost that makes sense.