Business Continuity Planning

Are you prepared for a hard drive failure? Server failure? Or worse?

If not, the damage to your business can be painful and costly from…

  • Lost data due to a crashed disk, hacked server, or network intruder
  • The time and resources to recreate a corrupt or missing database
  • A commercial power outage that disrupts your systems and networks
  • A local weather emergency that shuts down access to your building
  • A fire or flood that takes out every computer in your office
  • Damage to reputation, competitiveness, and customer confidence

Benefits of Disaster Planning

  • Identifies risks, threats and exposures
  • Determines appropriate risk reduction remedies and alternatives for systems and networks
  • Indicates need for data protection measures, including off-site storage at a secure location
  • Highlights need for off-grid power sourcing
  • Checks feasibility of implementing telework program to keep your business open in any emergency
  • Addresses legal exposure, regulatory compliance problems, and public relations nightmares

How We Work…

NuLeaf engineers perform a comprehensive audit. Along the way we look for ways to protect your business without unnecessary complication or cost, giving you the flexibility needed to grow fast without tripping up. We recommend specific action plans that can help you get through a crisis.

We Make IT Easy

Don’t wait for an emergency to knock out your business. NuLeaf has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.