Conference Room Systems

Is the cost of face-to-face gatherings shrinking your bottom line?
If so, NuLeaf has the solution…

Meetings are essential, but travel and related expenses, plus lost productivity, can exact a hefty toll on your business. Low cost equipment and broadband Internet connectivity have reached the point where the business case for justifying a conference room video arrangement comes down to simple math. We’ll run the cost scenarios to show you how they pay for themselves quickly.

More Impact with Video

  • Sales – Deliver presentations remotely to prospects; qualify them before driving or flying.
  • Training – Develop employees and partners; train customers on new products.
  • Marketing – Plan, coordinate, and execute campaigns faster to beat the competition.
  • Human Resources – Roll out policies and new programs to employees in branch offices.
  • Engineering – Collaborate on designs and plans to get solutions out the door faster.
  • Tele-workers – Enable impromptu corporate meetings without the commute.
  • Project Managers – Keep initiatives on track with progress and status check-ups.
  • Customer Service/Helpdesk – Lower service costs; improve customer relationships.

Getting Started

Here are the basic room system components you will need:

  • Camera
  • HD Monitor
  • Codec / Processor
  • Microphone and Speakers

We Make Conferencing Easy

When travel is driving up your costs and wasting too much staff time, NuLeaf has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.