Serving Pennsylvania

We’re focused on the licensed cannabis and medical marijuana industry. As a DataLink Interactive Partner Company, we’ve been serving the Mid-Atlantic Region for 20+ years. Our business was built on a commitment to personalized service. Our clients depend on us and we take great pride in being their responsive, innovative technology partner. Years of technology, security and compliance experience and unparalleled technical manpower are engaged to fulfill each client project and to provide clients with ongoing support.


IT Services – RFID, Barcode, Point-of-Sale, Hardware, Networks, Wireless, Infrastructure
Risk Mitigation & Review – Assessment of Existing IT Systems
Physical Security – Secure Transportation for Product & Cash… Armed Personnel
Compliance – Industry-Based IT Compliance for HIPAA, State Regulators
Electronic Security – Video Surveillance, Access Control, Fire Alarm Systems
IT Support – Managed IT Services & Tech Support
Consulting – Industry-Based Technology Experts


We monitor and manage our clients' networks, desktops, and everything in between. Reliable, responsive IT support - where and when you need it.
»  ManageIT Service Program
»  WatchIT Service Program
»  RetainIT Service Program
»  AssistIT Service Program


Outsourcing your IT to an experienced, local provider can supply broader support with a larger pool of experts and technical resources than you would normally be able to afford.
»  Cloud Services & Virtualization
»  Data Backup & Disaster Recovery
»  Network Security / Intrusion Detection
»  Web Design & Applications
»  Professional CTO / CIO / Management
»  Projects, Support, Dedicated Staff


As the size and nature of your business changes, so will your need for IT access and more speed. We build infrastructure that keeps up with you.
»  Data / Voice / Video Cabling
»  Wireless / WiFi Networks
»  In-Building Cellular
»  Data Center & Collocation
»  LAN / WAN / IP Networks


IT can be complex, but there's one thing everyone agrees on - protecting your people and your company's assets is absolutely critical.
»  Video Surveillance
»  Access Control
»  Alarm and Security Systems


We provide Complete AV Project Design, Installation, Training & Support for your business.
»  Conference Room Systems
»  Audio, Web, Video Conferencing
»  Video Surveillance


Need advice for a big project or want strategic input that will help you meet your IT goals? Get objective solutions advice from our experienced, proven team.
»  Strategic Planning and Policy
»  Due Diligence - Mergers & Acquisitions
»  Technical Assessments & Audits
»  Security Audits, Planning, Design
»  Business Continuity & DR
»  Applications & Compliance
»  Social Media & Marketing
»  Procurement & Bid Consulting
»  Third Party Vendor Management
»  Project Consulting & Services


Our portfolio offers everything from desk phones to online collaboration capabilities. Take a look at the many ways we help you keep in touch.
»  Phone Systems, VoIP, UC
»  Conferencing - Web, Audio, Video
»  Mobility, Telework, Remote Access
»  Telco, Carriers, ISP


Information security capabilities need a boost? NuLeaf can help you get where you need to be.
»  Virtual CISO
»  Compliance Gap Analysis
»  Security Risk Assessment
»  IT Security Policy Framework
»  Network Security Posture
»  HIPAA Enforcement Ramping Up
»  Are You Ready for the Regulators?
»  HIPAA Data Security Compliance
»  PCI Data Security Compliance

Award-Winning Support & Lasting Relationships

For over 20 years, NuLeaf has provided personalized support, and we take great pride in our clients’ testimonials.  Our experienced staff is accredited by leading technology providers and our on-time delivery and 24×7 support consistently earn accolades from our customers.  We focus on your success.