Network Security Posture Assessments

The Business Challenge…

Each industry has a specific compliance law or standard that defines requirements for network security, use of IP stateful firewalls, use of VPN technology for sending confidential data through the public Internet, IT security operations and management, and IT security testing.

Some of the business challenges facing the Cannibus industry include:

  • Updating Layer 2/3 network documentation for both physical connections and logical configurations (e.g., IEEE 802.1q VLANs, Layer 3 switching / routing, etc.) as part of the Discovery Phase
  • Maintaining air-tight configuration change management throughout the IP infrastructure to ensure if any change occurs in the network that documentation, testing, and validation are all up to date and accurate
  • Prioritizing network remediation or security hardening requirements for identified gaps
  • Budgeting CAPEX and OPEX to remediate risks, threats, and vulnerabilities as part of the Recommendation Phase of the security baseline
  • Ensuring that internal and external layered security solutions work according to the defined requirements, policies, and standards (may require performing IT security testing, verification, and validation, etc.)

What We Do…

NuLeaf drills down to your organization’s compliance requirements and security controls, providing thorough review, assessment, and security testing against a typical IT infrastructure framework:

  • Break down compliance laws into implementation requirements; map them to your IP data networking, operations, and security operations environment
  • Incorporate compliance requirements into a qualitative assessment tracking tool / spreadsheet
  • In-depth discovery, including fact finding, on-site inspections, reviews of your current Layer 2/3 IP data networking implementation
  • A high-level, qualitative compliance gap analysis and network security posture assessment mapped to your compliance requirements and security baseline
  • Delivery of gap remediation recommendations aligned to CAPEX / OPEX costs and prioritized according to the assessment findings and your compliance requirements

We Make IT Security Easy

Meeting network security compliance objectives requires focus, expertise, and year-round attention. NuLeaf can help.