Phone Systems / IP Voice & Unified Communications

Is your business exploiting new communications tools to compete?
If not, the consequences can cost you…

  • Increased customer dissatisfaction when calls go unanswered
  • Reduced productivity when there’s no easy way to track down voicemails, emails and faxes
  • Slowed response time from not being able to bring appropriate expertise into customer calls
  • Poor team performance when travel is not feasible and conferences are too difficult to set up
  • Inefficient use of resources as the IT team struggles to administer standalone voice and
    messaging systems at multiple locations

It’s Your Business

Unified Communications takes VoIP further than ever, allowing you to connect with customers, streamline business processes, and reduce network administration and communication costs. We can accomplish all this for your organization, so you can…

  • Connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need
  • Find out if colleagues are available before attempting to bring them into a call
  • Access and share video on the desktop, on the road, and on-demand, as easily as making a phone call
  • Make mobile devices extensions of the corporate network so on-the-go employees can be productive anywhere
  • Facilitate better team interactions, bringing together individuals, virtual workgroups, and teams
  • Innovate across the value chain by integrating collaboration and communications into applications and business processes

Our Solutions Offer…

  • Savings in IT staff time with browser-based system administration
  • No more expensive tech visits for moves and changes
  • Easily network and centrally manage multiple locations
  • Unified Messaging that combines Voicemail, Email and Fax in one box
  • Support for advanced apps and productivity tools: Presence, IM, PC call control, CRM screen-pop, and more
  • Automated personal assistants and speech interfaces
  • On-the-fly conferencing and web collaboration that gets teams together quickly, saving the time and expense of travel
  • Mobility solutions and work-at-home phones that mirror the phones in the office
  • Affordable contact centers that let customers reach sales and service teams, even at remote locations

We Make Communications Easy

If communication issues are keeping you up at night, NuLeaf has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.