Due Diligence – Mergers & Acquisitions

Know What You’re Really Getting

As businesses continue to grow through mergers and acquisitions, they also acquire legacy IT systems and security vulnerabilities. In many cases, the added risks go unnoticed and remain in place for years – until a breach occurs that forces the IT department to react. By then it is often too late. Proprietary information may have been stolen, IT systems hijacked for ransom, or malware installed that provides hackers with unfettered access to critical systems throughout the larger enterprise.

As part of your due diligence prior to closing the merger or acquisition, NuLeaf will inventory the technology resources and help assess the level of security risk associated with the target company’s IT systems. Our seasoned and experienced M&A team thoroughly audits every aspect of the IT environment and issues findings and recommendations to help you understand what you are really getting.

What We Do

  • Evaluate the target IT organization, IT service delivery, and IT security posture
  • Discover level of dependence on IT technology
  • Review IT infrastructure capabilities, expandability, and stability
  • Investigate real and potential IT security gaps
  • Find out number and type of security incidents and methods of remediation
  • Examine effectiveness of current security policy and governance framework
  • Determine IT support costs and reliance on IT vendors
  • Assess potential IT system integration issues
  • Probe into regulatory compliance and adherence with security best practices
  • Identify key IT personnel likely to leave after the merger or acquisition

We Make IT Easy

When your planned merger or acquisition comes with IT technology, it pays to know the costs and risks before signing on the dotted line. NuLeaf brings the high-level IT expertise you need to make an informed decision.