The Business Challenge…

As mandated by industry compliance laws and standards, your organization may need to perform an annual Security Risk Assessment on its IT infrastructure, including a thorough assessment of the effectiveness of organizational policies and operational procedures on your enterprise workforce.

Some of the security challenges facing the Cannibus industry include:

  • Legal penalties from non-compliance
  • Data breach or exposure
  • Downtime
  • Financial loss or impact
  • Harm to consumer and public confidence

What We Do…

  1. Break down the complexity of compliance laws into real-world implementation requirements
  2. Incorporate these implementation requirements into your organization’s security baseline definition using the 7-Domains of a Typical IT Infrastructure as a framework and model:
    • User Domain
    • Workstation Domain
    • LAN Domain
    • LAN-to-WAN Domain
    • Remote Access Domain
    • WAN Domain
    • System / Application Domain
  3. Perform a customized security risk assessment based on your security baseline definition
  4. Conduct a gap analysis so your organization knows what needs attention in order to achieve or exceed your security baseline definition
  5. Provide prioritized recommendations and cost estimates so your organization can properly plan and budget for security risk mitigation solutions

We Make IT Security Easy

After we help you determine the best scope and methodology to assess your risks, we’ll work the plan and provide the reporting you need. NuLeaf’s security experts help you get where you need to be.