Procurement & Bid Consulting

Do you know what to ask for or when to get started?

If not, you might end up with more problems…

  • Not providing enough clarity in a competitive Request for Proposal could force you into wasting time comparing apples to oranges
  • Not knowing service provider track records could result in a low price, but poor network or service performance
  • Not allowing enough time for service provisioning or equipment delivery could leave your new location disconnected from customers
  • Not planning far enough ahead could cause unanticipated delays or expensive expedites in order to finish your project on schedule

Benefits of Procurement and Bid Planning

  • Improved savings through innovative price reductions and/or quantity discounts
  • Speedier negotiations and contract execution
  • Reduced miscommunication and disputes with suppliers and service providers
  • Less chance of unexpected cost overruns
  • Better outcomes, faster paybacks, and improved ROI

What We Do…

  • Provide guidance on bids to fit your IT roadmap
  • Prepare realistic budgets for each phase of your project
  • Offer impartial advice on the latest equipment and IT services
  • Leverage high-level supplier relationships to help you secure the best pricing
  • Provide compliance services to ensure effective proof of purchase, administration and management of your software environment
  • Assist with deployment and ongoing support

We Make IT Easy

When you need extra support getting bids together for an IT project, our team is ready to help – at a cost that makes sense.