Private Cloud & Virtualization

Is your IT team taking care of PCs one user at a time?

Still running dedicated servers for files, email or storage?

Private Cloud & Virtualization lets you save time and money by…

  • Consolidating your infrastructure for better performance, reliability, and availability
  • Automating management and upgrades of OS, applications, and workstations
  • Streamlining administrative tasks and increasing your control over the entire enterprise
  • Improving IT team and resource productivity with less troubleshooting
  • Greatly reducing your hardware, power, and operational costs


NuLeaf can evaluate, setup, and manage your transition from client-server to a virtualized environment. You get performance, security and availability. Virtualization also simplifies management, enables dynamic resource provisioning, provides zero downtime maintenance and speeds up disaster recovery.

We offer a comprehensive suite of cloud offerings designed to help you handle today’s IT challenges. We will help you identify cloud and virtualization solutions that are right for your business, implement them for you, and manage them.

Private Cloud Service in NuLeaf’s Data Center

  • No more on-site servers and PCs that need to be replaced every few years
  • Users connect to their refreshed and upgraded ‘Virtual Desktops’ every time they logon and can access corporate IT resources from any device, anytime, anywhere – whether it is their smart-phone, iPad, or laptop at home
  • True Mobility – Users are no longer tied to the desk
  • High Availability – Users are no longer dependent on the power, cooling, or Internet at your office. If your office loses power for instance, users can reconnect to your cloud as easily as going to Starbucks, home, or hopping on their mobile carrier’s data network
  • Users always have free access to the latest Microsoft applications and upgrades
  • Virtual services can be provisioned across the cloud instantly without making physical configuration changes to hardware and interrupting user productivity
  • Virtualization technology enables your operating systems, apps and workloads to be centralized in a secure SAS70 compliant, Tier-4 data center
  • NuLeaf’s infrastructure is safeguarded with built-in redundancy covering every aspect of power, environmental, Internet, and physical security
  • Operated as a utility, delivered online, and billed as a monthly service

Private Cloud Service in Your Data Center

Need to keep your infrastructure on site? We can set up a private cloud at your premises with all of the redundant systems and services you’ll need to keep your IT reliable, secure, and available.

Public Cloud

As a shared service, these solutions support standardized office apps, unpredictable workloads, and high level of scalability in situations where low cost is also a critical factor. NuLeaf can offer selection and set-up assistance.

Hybrid Cloud

Leveraging, Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Google or similar Software-as-a-Service apps? We can integrate these public solutions with your private cloud service, whether your private cloud is set up in the NuLeaf data center or on your premises.

We Make IT Easy

With Cloud Services you get a dedicated account management team comprised of a technician who provides day-to-day support, a business consultant who advises you advances in technology, and a technology specialist who provides you with high level engineering and design consultation. Ready to simplify and save with virtualization and the cloud? NuLeaf has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.