Compliance Gap Analysis

The Business Challenge…

Achieving compliance requires full time focus and expertise. It requires drilling down to the industry standards and laws that impact your organization, understanding security controls, and implementing needed safeguards.

To fulfill your compliance initiative, NuLeaf applies proprietary information gathering
questionnaires and automated compliance tool checklists to help you know what needs attention.

What We Do…

  • Incorporate compliance requirements into a qualitative assessment tracking tool organized per the applicable laws’ safeguard categories
  • Conduct in-depth discussions with your IT, security, and management personnel; perform on-site inspections and reviews of your current layered security
  • Create a high-level, qualitative compliance gap analysis and posture assessment mapped to your organization’s requirements
  • Break down the complexity of compliance laws into a real-world implementation plan

We Make IT Security Easy

Need help assessing your compliance, implementation and reporting? NuLeaf makes IT Easy.