Project Consulting & Services

Are you carefully managing your IT initiatives, deadlines and budgets?

If not, your new project may fall short of achieving its goals…

  • Inadequate project definition and planning can squander resources
  • Changing the requirements too frequently can result in chaos
  • Not assessing in-house capabilities correctly can doom the project
  • Letting internal issues worsen can cause key stakeholders to walk away
  • Lack of performance baselines can throw off the schedule and budget

Benefits of Professional Project Consulting and Services

  • Leverages specific experience and expertise in project planning
  • Provides clear statement of project objectives and deliverables
  • Identifies costs, scheduled start dates, and responsibility assignments
  • Defines project success criteria along with major milestones and target dates for each
  • Uses negotiation and communication skills to keep the project moving and ensure a successful outcome
  • Frees up your in-house resources to concentrate on bigger, more strategic objectives

What We Do…

Our team members have decades of experience and expertise leading complex IT projects. We use proven IT project methodologies that deliver projects on time and on budget. Our consultants will learn about your company and mesh with your existing team to plan the project and ensure that it meets your company’s goals.

We Make IT Easy

If your IT projects need a steady hand, NuLeaf can help – at a cost that makes sense.