Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Is Your Business at Risk?

A number of unexpected events can disrupt or disable your operations, including…

  • Power outage or surge
  • Server, router, hard drive or phone system failure
  • The “Oops! I hit the ‘delete’ key!”
  • Snow, lightning, hurricane, tornado, flood?
  • Building fire, water damage, or unhappy employee?

Consider the impact on your bottom line if you lost…

  • Accounts Receivables and Invoices
  • Customer files and records
  • Client contracts and pending customer orders

Calculating downtime costs goes further than lost data…

  • Salaries paid to idled employees
  • Prospects that never become customers
  • Diminished or lost customer loyalty

You need to protect complex, interconnected layers of IT systems,
networks, and equipment.

  • Servers with critical applications, customer data, email records
  • End points such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smart phones
  • Internet connectivity, phone systems, wireless networks
  • Voice and data services that connect customers, remote workers, and partners

A business protection plan will help you sleep better…

  • Secure and protect your mission critical data
  • Restore ‘lost’ data with on-site and off-site duplication
  • Stay in business even when you can’t get into your building
  • Protect your business and customer goodwill

Protect Your Business

NuLeaf designs, implements and supports data and business protection strategies for public and private sector organizations. We bring our years of experience supporting our diverse customer base to protecting your critical hardware and software assets. NuLeaf can act as your organization’s full time IT staff or provide extra help as needed.