ProLink ProtectIT Server & ProtectIT Server-BDR

Designed to proactively monitor, manage and automate local file server backups,
ProLink ProtectIT Server also detects events and issues alerts on server performance and back up issues.

The service includes…

  • A tool set for 24x7x365 automated managed backup – Sentinel ProtectIT for Servers
  • Automated server backups every 15 to 30 minutes
  • Complete server image, including operating system volumes, applications and data partitions
  • Backup files stored in virtualized format, allowing easy restoration to new hard drive, or new file server dissimilar hardware
  • Backup stored to disk or network storage device
  • Online client portal for backup status updates and reporting
  • Optional offsite storage each night at a SAS70-HIPPA compliant Data Center

ProLink ProtectIT-BDR

Provides all of the services above, in addition to providing Hot Spare Server capabilities and Fail Over in case of Server catastrophic failure.

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