ProtectIT for Workstations

For organizations needing to protect data against workstation failures,
fire-water damage, information theft, and hack attacks.

Ever experience a computer crash? Everything is running smoothly one moment and in the next moment your data is gone and your applications inaccessible. That’s why we developed ProtectIT for Workstations.

This automated, proactive tool provides data protection by performing storage of local workstation backups to NuLeaf’s secure data center facilities. Secure transport of data occurs over a NuLeaf approved broadband Internet connection.

ProLink ProtectIT detects problems and issues alerts on backup status and health conditions that could cause unwanted data loss or outages before they occur.

ProtectIT for Workstations includes…

    • Automated managed backup tool set
    • Automated workstation backups every 60 minutes
    • Complete workstation image, including operating system volumes, applications and data partitions
    • Backup files stored in virtualized format, allowing easy restoration to new hard drive, or new workstation
    • Backup stored to disk or client provided network storage device
    • Online client portal for backup status review and reporting

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