Security Audits, Planning & Design

Do you know if your data is safe?

If not, it may already be lost, stolen or damaged from…

  • Stealth malware that slows down your PCs
  • Users who inadvertently download dangerous viruses
  • Former employees who can still access your proprietary files
  • Intruders who can take down your servers, just for fun
  • Hackers who corrupt critical databases

Benefits of a Security Audit

  • Discovers hidden vulnerabilities in systems and networks that can be exploited
  • Determines what network locations can benefit from intrusion detection systems
  • Indicates potential need to identify intruders for lockout and possible legal action
  • Identifies measures to protect email, servers and data against loss, theft and damage
  • Reveals possible need for encryption to safeguard data on servers and laptops
  • Highlights specific business processes that need to be made more secure

How We Work…

NuLeaf engineers perform a comprehensive Security Audit of your IT systems and networks. Along the way we look for ways to protect your business without unnecessary complication or cost, giving even the smallest firms the affordable protection they’ll need to grow fast, without being tripped up by the bad guys.

We Make IT Easy

If vulnerabilities like these are keeping you awake at night, NuLeaf has solutions that are right for your organization – at a cost that makes sense.