Technology Drives Medical Cannabis Dispensary

Making a Difference

Green Point Wellness is a licensed medical cannabis dispensary in Linthicum Heights, Maryland. Its goal is to promote wellness and patient freedom, and provide superior customer service to those in Anne Arundel County and the rest of Maryland. According to dispensary founder Tony Toskov, “By providing the highest quality products to suit the specific ailments of each patient, the whole community benefits by having alternative medical treatment choices.”

Operating a medical cannabis dispensary successfully entails having the right Technology infrastructure that not only expedites patient transactions in a secure environment, but complies with all federal and state regulatory mandates. Meeting all of these requirements calls for an experienced technology partner. The call went out to NuLeaf Technologies to design and implement the entire Technology support infrastructure for the 3,000 square foot storefront facility.

Total Security

Security is a vital component of any medical cannabis dispensary. Systems must be in place to deter theft, break-ins, vandalism and potential harm to employees and patients. To meet these needs, NuLeaf set up an enterprise-class video surveillance system to monitor the perimeter of the property as well as front and back doors. The surveillance system also monitors critical areas inside the facility such as the waiting room, medicinal storage, and dosage preparation.

A key card access control system, integrated with the video surveillance system, offers continuous security for employees by preventing unauthorized entry into the building. All key card usage is recorded by the system in case follow-up is required. Should anyone try to circumvent the access control system, an intrusion detection alert is immediately sent to the monitoring system so appropriate action can be taken.

Ready for Business

NuLeaf set up point-of-sale desktop systems that include barcode scanners and receipt printers. The dispensary’s inventory system for receiving product is integrated with the state mandated RFID-based metrc system, which provides end to end tracking and tracing of cannabis plants and products.

All IT systems installed by NuLeaf – including the dispensary’s wired and wireless networks, firewall, cybersecurity systems – meet strict HIPAA requirements to safeguard the privacy of patient information. If needed, NuLeaf is also on call to help Green Point remediate any identified security gaps ahead of a state or federal audit to make sure the dispensary passes compliance reviews the first time.

For communications, NuLeaf equipped the dispensary with a VoIP phone system. The phones come with an intuitive user interface and enhanced functionality, making it easy for employees to interact and maximize productivity. In the waiting area, large digital signage flat-panel monitors with multi-speaker audio system are used to highlight the dispensary’s continually changing product line.

Looking to the Future

“We were operating under a tight time constraint to get all systems installed and integrated for our grand opening,” noted owner Tony Toskov. “The NuLeaf team not only handled all the infrastructure and security details perfectly, but made sure everything complied with state and federal regulations. We are now well positioned to operate and dispense in this exciting new medical field.”