Chinese Video Surveillance Equipment Banned by U.S.

A bill banning U.S. government use of Dahua and Hikvision products made in China was passed by both chambers of Congress and signed into law by the President on August 13.

The relevant clause in the 1,300-page NDAA defense appropriations bill states:

“For the purpose of public safety, security of government facilities, physical security surveillance of critical infrastructure, and other national security purposes, video surveillance and telecommunications equipment produced by Hytera Communications Corp., Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., or Dahua Technology Co. (or any subsidiary or affiliate of such entities…”

At issue is the security and trustworthiness of these products, which extends to OEM products, which also will have to be removed.

It is known that the Chinese government exerts significant influence over these companies and backdoors have been discovered in their products. NuLeaf Technologies recommends that private sector organizations, including those in the Medical Marijuana and Cannabis industry, also discontinue using products from Dahua and Hikvision.

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